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Acrylic with ink on canvas, 2013,  18 h x 24 w inches.       Contact the Artist


Painted, poured and extruded acrylic layers
The construction of the painting is a set of playful experiments in the viscoelastic properties of acrylic gel and liquid media. These media dry to a transparent solid film.  The media can be tinted with transparent paint colors, rendered translucent with opaque and semi-opaque colors, swirled, extruded, and poured over one another in various stages of drying. Since different gels and liquid media shrink by different amounts as they dry complex crazed, cracked, and pebbled glassy textures can be created by mixing and layering them.  A wide range of layered and intertwined transparent patterns can be generated, with an incredible depth of color.

In Unabashed, gel medium was extruded through fine round, fancy ruffled and multi hole nozzles using a pastry bag. The medium was lightly tinted. When extruded it forms shining light manipulating ribbons and nests of “acrylic vermicelli”, which can be obscured by a tinted clear film layer or piled up to create crazy clear gelid textures on the canvas.

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