» » » The SEA! Some of the summer’s new paintings

The SEA! Some of the summer’s new paintings

I have been busy busy busy painting seascapes, mixing light manipulating media to simulate water, and observing the sea and sky as we visit coastal towns and cross back and forth across the Long Island Sound on visits to family. Here are some of the small seascapes I’ve done this summer. I will post larger ones separately. I am updating all of these pieces in my portfolio and figuring our what to consign where. Links to good places to find them follow the images.


As I get these pieces listed and consigned you will find them in The Art Nook and/or G19 in Rockport, MA (the nicely framed ones that I consider my best work)

on my Square shop, Artfinder, Saatchi and

as Prints on Fine Art America and

print rentals through Turning Art.