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Blue Counterpoint is Sold. Please don’t try to purchase it (the red and yellow versions are still available).  Blue Counterpoint, Tabula Rasa, Nebulosity, and Not Quite Floral are NOT available as high res art prints (you can still get cards and low res prints from Red Bubble).

if you keep scrolling, everything from “Cave Painting” on down to the bottom is available as a Fine art print (with a crisp hi res capture) through FAA.  Follow the links to look at print options.

Blue Counterpoint.  Photo print, card, etc from Redbubble

An earlier post has more information on the Counterpoint paintings.

Also sold recently:

Not Quite Floral                        Cards and photo prints on redbubble

Tabula Rasa                        on redbubble

Nebulosity                              on Redbubble

Cave Painting          Get the giclee of Cave Painting

Interphases and Grains                        giclee prints of interphases and grains

Queen of the Afternoon                                          Giclee of Queen of the Afternoon

Epitaxy                                                              Giclee of Epitaxy

Athlete                                                      Giclee of Athlete


Folk Dancing

Inspecting Sunrise