Acrylic painting with stiffened paper and string and metal foil on sealed cradled hardwood panel. 16″ h x 12″ w x 1.5″ deep. Archival materials.


“Windbreak” is a smaller mixed media work in my “tree of Life” Series 2. While Series 1 focused on they symbolism and ecological role of trees through abstracted images of lone trees, Series 2 focuses more on their human and social significance.

“Windbreak” stands at the edge of a marshland and buffers the inland areas from strong winds coming across the low hills. A stormy sky is conveyed using complex swirling deep blues, black and grays. The effect is one of looming clouds and movement in the sky. The tree in “windbreak” is highly textured, with tortuous patterns of paper in the bark and branches. Larger than life leaves in greens, browns, and purples suggest the wind blocking role that they play. Metal foil gilding was applied to selected leaves for emphasis, but the foil was left wrinkled with tattered edges to suggest the wearing nature of the wind.