Solace, 10 x 10 inches on 1.5 inch deep cradled hardwood panel, archivally sealed. Acrylic with mica and stiffened paper and string.



Solace is a small work in my Tree of Life series 2 set of mixed media Tree paintings. This series focuses on the impact trees can have on people and on human societies.

Solace conveys the feeling one might have when looking to nature to escape the day to day realities of the human world. There is something about birches in particular – their grace, their stark contrast to the rest of a forest, their delicate fluttering leaves – that can be especially uplifting. They tend to grow in patches, like small woody oases in a field or the edge of water or as the first trees in an area damaged by fire or clear cutting.

We all need a little bit of nature’s solace from time to time.