18 x 24 in, acrylic with oxide powders, mica flakes and thermochromic pigment on wood panel

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‘Snow Melt’ is a very abstracted reinvented landscape. The piece is reinvented because of experimental features that push the boundaries of landscape painting past abstraction. For example, the use of various coarse media such as alumina, large mica flake, and coarse sand create the features of the landscape. Some of the sketched black line details are also thermochromic, causing them to disappear in a warm room and reappear in a cold room. The effect is subtle, gradual, and reversible. This piece is one of my first experiments in making changeable fine art using thermochromic pigment. If you are interested in the original, please arrange to see pictures of the warm and cool states. If you are in Massachusetts, we can demonstrate the subtle morphing at your home or place of work.



Details and close-up images of Snow Melt



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