A Mixed Media seascape using retroreflective glass, mica, sand and other media to create a very tactile seascape with interesting light effects.  24 x 30 inches on 0.75 inch deep stretched canvas.  Available through the Art Nook Gallery in Rockport, MA


shining sea



Shining Sea is a familiar subject created using a number of mixed media and experimental or novel techniques. The painting starts with acrylic paints and media. Large mica flakes, metal powders suspended in transparent acrylic, gilding foils, sand and gravel are combined to create a very tactile crunchy shoreline with a glimmering light manipulating effect. In the sea area, layers of transparent tinted viscoelastic acrylic gel were poured and swirled to create complex diaphanous patterns that resemble swirling surf. Extruded three dimensional tubes and vermicelli-like patterns of acrylic structure areas meant to depict seafoam. Retroreflective glass beads complete the foamy glittering collision of textures in the shining sea. The sky is primarily coarsely brushed and knifed in gesso with layers of clear textured gel and metallized retroreflective sand used to create a patterned, active and softly glowing effect. Retroreflective glass beads (spheres) in a gradation of sizes were used to create a sun and sun rays. These will only show up in certain lighting conditions. Ask for more images if you are interested in the original mixed medial painting.










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