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Gelid Shoreline, acrylic with dry media on canvas, 24″ h x 36″ w x 1″ deep.  Sold in a 1.5 in deep box frame (see the images below).   Total framed dimensions are approx 26″h x 38″w.  Available through The Rockport Art Nook Gallery.

gelid shoreline


Gelid Shoreline is an experiment with paint. I have created a number of more traditional Seascapes and Landscapes and a number of Abstracts that really explore the limits of acrylic paint. The medium’s viscoelastic properties, shrinkage, transparency, refractive index and other properties all come into play. As I have explored acrylic and mixable media more and more new techniques and ideas have found their way into my Landscape and Seascape paintings. I usually incorporate new techniques by working through a series of experiments. the first experiments are Abstract, where fewer constraints on how the “image must look” allow me to really explore how the paint and media CAN look. Then I incorporate how the paint and media CAN look and work into more representational paintings. The landscapes and seascapes are almost a test of what I’d learned working through the Abstracts.

Gelid Shoreline is a larger and more complex attempt at the same “test” as a smaller earlier painting “Gelid Seascape”. Extruded ribbons and strands of shaped acrylic are used to build up an abstracted seascape from a complex 3-D tangle of paint and media shapes.

The acrylic seascape painting was built up using an unusual quality of acrylic heavy bodied paints and media.  Acrylic gels, thick liquid media and heavy bodied paints are more elastic than their oil, tempera or encaustic counterparts.  This elastic property allows me to extrude the paint through nozzles of different shapes and sizes.  the extruded three dimensional ribbons keep their shape and dry very clear if they are mostly acrylic gel medium (an extender) and opaque if they are mostly paint.  it is possible to capture a wide range of transparencies.
The extruded shapes also span small gaps without collapsing onto the canvas as they dry.  This property lets me build up complex porous “airy” textures or layered transparent glassy looking areas on the canvas.

Gelid Shoreline incorporates primarily three dimensional airy extruded textures in the “Sky” and glassy layered extruded paint and media for the “sea”.  The result is fascinating and gives the painting a unque presence, while still reading as a seascape.

Context and WIP

gelid shoreline in frame

Gelid Shoreline in a blond wood float style box frame (a piece of wood placed under the frame to protect it from scratches is also visible)

There is a blog post on this and another oceanscape as works in progress “Ocean Theme and Mixed Media Seascape Variations“.  Here are some of the work in progress photos.  Gelid Shoreline is a complex layered piece using a lot of extruded acrylic techniques.  These work in progress photos help convey the dimensionality of the finished work.  Seeing the “bones” of the work being built may help with visualization of the three dimensional textures and intertwined acrylic ribbons that make up the finished painting.




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