Acrylic with mixed media (sand, mica, ink), on stretched canvas  12 x 12 inches.

cresting wave


Cresting Wave is a small format acrylic painting of cresting waves.    Liquid viscoelasticity based techniques and some mixed media (sand, mica and dry media mixed into transparent acrylic media) were used to create the complex patterns of waves and seafoam and the wet and dry appearance of a sandy shoreline.

Cresting Wave uses the different fluid properties of acrylic media and inks to create complex swirling patterns resembling breaking waves.  Because different liquid acrylic media have different viscoelastic properties, many of them will “bounce” when poured (like shampoo or honey).  More elastic liquid media bounce sharply and can be used to create squared cellular patterns.  Less elastic media, like the self-leveling gel used in Cresting Wave, bounce more softly creating sinuous patterns.

Pure acrylic painting media dry to a highly transparent glassy finish.  This property has allowed me to create complex textures by adding small amounts of paint to a pouring container full of clear medium.  When the paint and media are poured together, from the same container, a thin stream of paint and color pours out surrounded by a wider stream of clear medium.  A variety of complex patterns can be created by manipulating the composition of these complex paint pours.


Scumbled transparent colors were used to organize the fluid patterns into a recognizable seascape.  An pouring technique using the elasticity of acrylic media was used to create  a complex overlay of rippled white patterns to emphasize the swirling foam of the cresting wave.  Sand and mica finish the beach and shoreline.


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The original painting is sold.

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