Acrylic with ink on paper epoxy composite panel (archival and rigid), 22 x 30 inches.

aster season

 Water color effects and stippling create a softly textured backdrop for muted painted blooms.


“Aster Season” 22 h x 30 w inches on epoxy-infused composite paper panel. the panel used as the substrate is called “ArtBoard”.  It is an archival chemical and moisture resistant material that also has some absorbancy for painting.

I use a lot of mixed media and acrylic gel sculpting approaches in many of my paintings, but this one uses more “traditional” painting techniques.

The background was created using liquid in liquid approaches with fluid acrylic and ink. These materials are compatible and miscible, but the different thicknesses prevent them from completely blending together when poured, dripped and spattered. The painting was then built up using thicker heavier bodied paint in each layer. The final foreground painting uses a combination of acrylic impasto and light sculpting in a paper-like medium called “fiber paste”.







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