Branching Spirit, 6 x 4 in, acrylic and ink on panel.  Framed.

branching spirit


Branching Spirit, 6 x 4 inches, fluid style ink and acrylic painting on panel.

Branching spirit is a loose fluid style painting of a tree subject.  It was painted using fluid liquid in liquid techniques and ink spotting and dripping into liquid acrylic paint.  The details were finished using high flow acrylic.

In this imaginative allusive small format work, the loose form of a tree appears to be merging with the Milky Way in a burst of swirling energy.

Branching Spirit in Frame
Branching Spirit in Frame




This small format work is being exhibited at Summer Art Festivals and is not yet listed for sale on line.  If you are interested in “Branching Spirit”, please inquire about its availability using the Contact Form below.



  • Painting Genre
  • Tree Subject
  • Acrylic with ink medium