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Abstract paintings in oil and acrylic.  These paintings are primarily “Abstract Expressionist” flavored works that exemplify how I was trained as a painter.  I visit this visual idiom from time to time.  There are also pieces that i would describe as “transitional”.  The transitional pieces begin to incorporate mixed media and different approaches to painting and texture.  Often there are abstracted references to landscapes or to vegetative and tree-like forms.  These abstract works and exploration of abstract forms have allowed me to develop a variety of techniques and approaches to paint and mixing media.  They also have grounded my approach to abstraction in more recognizable subjects.


Available Originals




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Beach Houses


beach houses

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Strolling the Glorious Night

strolling the glorious night


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Out of Balance

Out of balance 100kb

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Atlantis Sinking


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Seasonal Ecology

seasonal ecology

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Sold originals

Dreams of Awakened Souls, 24 x 42 inches

Mixed Media paintings (example, Dreams of Awakened Souls)
Dreams of Awakened Souls


Urban Ecology, 30 x 30 inches






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