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New Small drawings


I have some new ACEOs and small format ink drawings. Scroll down for pictures and titles.  Prices are listed below, and are by size.

Email me with any questions.   Email me about framed purchases. I take PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  Paypal purchasing links are BELOW each image gallery, for unframed work.

All of my original drawings and paintings are just that – ORIGINAL and one of a kind.  I do not sell prints as “original”, nor do I copy my own work and call it “original” because of tiny differences and mistakes.  Once an original is gone, it’s gone.  You can still get a print of most of my work, which is the best way to go if you want a different size.  I won’t make larger or smaller handmade “original” copies of originals.

For pricing please go to my SHOP:

The Shop also has the most updated information on what is available and what is sold already.

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Retro Century – PAYPAL                           The Language of plants – PAYPAL                  Natures Own Effervescence – PAYPAL 

Connectivity – PAYPAL                              Mixed Micelles – PAYPAL                                 Rolling Hills –  PAYPAL

Aquanautic – PAYPAL                                 tissue culture – PAYPAL                                    Suddenly – PAYPAL

Persimmon Geometry –  PAYPAL             Triangulila – PAYPAL                                         Rocky Beach – PAYPAL

Mod ala Mode – PAYPAL                           The Window  – PAYPAL                                       Basal – PAYPAL

Plumbers nightmare – PAYPAL



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Savannah Meditation  – PAYPAL                           Cipher  –  PAYPAL                                 Confetti – PAYPAL

Concave bubblegum  – PAYPAL                             Muted geometry  –  PAYPAL                 Rings – PAYPAL

Glorious Cycle  – PAYPAL                                        So Mod   – PAYPAL                                  Spring Rings – PAYPAL

Sunny   – PAYPAL                                                     Satyricon – PAYPAL                                Bio Broth – PAYPAL  

Urban – PAYPAL                                                      Growth – PAYPAL                                    Bubbling Away – PAYPAL

Outgassing – PAYPAL                                            Undulation – PAYPAL                              Lyrical – PAYPAL

Swamp Monstah – PAYPAL                                   Triangulation – PAYPAL                     Sparkle – – PAYPAL

Nova – PAYPAL                                                         Ripples – PAYPAL




3 Responses

  1. kenbunny

    dope stuff keep it up up up

  2. Susan

    Swamp Monstah and mod are my favorites.

    • nerdlypainter

      Hi Susan – Swamp Monstah is a favorite of mine too. Did you know about the “Use yah blinkah” campaign up here? Signs all over the highway say just that – verbatim.