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Two of the PODs that i use are offering an expanded range of Art-themed POD merchandise.  I have to say, some of the options are kind of neat.  Both Fine Art America and Red bubble are now offering throw pillow and duvet cover options, a variety of bags and cell phone and device cases and skins.


Home Decor – With my Art!

Throw pillows on Fine Art America


Grandeur Throw Pillow 14" x 14"
Granduer Throw Pillow sold through Fine Art America
faa floral fireworks2 duvat
Floral Fireworks Duvet cover on Fine Art America

Fashion Items – with My Art!

And Red Bubble now has skirts, scarves and leggings.

aster season leggings
Aster Season leggings on Red bubble
floral fantasy pencil skirt
Floral Fantasy pencil skirt sold through Red bubble
Southern Sea Pencil Skirt
Fishing a Southern Sea Pencil Skirt sold through Red bubble
spirit dance scarf
Spirit Dance Chiffon scarf sold through Red Bubble. Seamless tile based on the original painting

Image licensing

In addition, Fine Art America offers an easy peasy image licensing checkout (which I use for people who want to license an image).



I am busy busy busy updating the item pages to print on the different options and formats that work well for each image.  It’s kinda … neat.  In some cases I also have seamless tiles that work well as art-derived fashion patterns.


have a Look!



Fine Art America

Pixels image Licensing