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Oil on linen, 24 h x 24 w inches, 2012
framed in a light wood floater style frame
giclee available through FAA


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Keystone, oil on canvas 24 x 24 inches

Keystone is one of several paintings that explore the idea of Ecological Order and highly networked systems. “Tree of Life” motifs and “woven” and layered paint textures are used to address the characteristics of natural ecologies, human-created networks, and the complexities of human interaction with the natural world.  There are textures within the abstracted tree form that are reminiscent of the xylem and phloem structures that woody plants use to transport nutrients.  The references to liquid flow and nutrient transport strengthen the idea of networked interconnectivity and ecological order.  At the same time they underscore the tree-like nature of the subject.

“Keystone” refers to a keystone species in a natural ecology. It was inspired by a set of papers I’d read a few years ago on the role of large mammals, and other species near the top of the food chain, on regulating and structuring entire ecologies.

“Keystone has been exhibited in a solo show at Athan’s in Brighton Center, MA and at Crema in Harvard Square

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