» » » Featured in Blue Mountain Review – Tree of Life string and paper tree paintings

Featured in Blue Mountain Review – Tree of Life string and paper tree paintings

An Online Magazine, “Blue Mountain Review” has featured an interview with me and several pieces from my Tree of Life Series 2 Portfolio in their Anniversary Issue, pages 103-115. The magazine is dedicated to Art, Poetry and Music.  Robert Pinsky (yes- that poet guy) was interviewed in the same edition.

One of the interesting and engaging things about working with Blue Mountain Review was being paired with a poet.  I was asked to select a piece from a different series of work than the one being featured.  i selected a Chemistry- inspired mixed media painting called Density of States.  An image of Density of States was then sent to poet Chani Zwibel.  She used the painting as inspiration for a poem “Visions brought on by the body of the goddess”.  Chani Zwibel’s poem is on pages 113-114 of Blue Mountain Review Issue 5.


I went and tried to find a website for Chani Zwibel, and while I did not locate her personal website, I did find several interviews and publications.  If you want to know more about this talented young poet, you can follow some of these links:

Garden Secrets and Several other Poems;  in “the song is”

How to Survive; in “Dissident voice”

Postmodern Cassandra; in “Rasputin Poetry”

Good Friday/Passover/Blood Moon; in “Backlash Press”       (Scroll or search for it on the page)

Faith; in Bella Online’s Literary review “Mused”


The images that were featured, including “Density of States” are below (with links to my shop and POD because maybe you want to support me by buying a print).


Sentry 1

POD Print of Sentry 1

Sentry 2

POD Print of Sentry 2


POD Print of Alive


POD Print of Inspiration

The Herald

POD Print of The Herald


POD Print of WIndbreak



Density of States

Density of States original acrylic mixed media painting

Photography Prints