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Featured in Art by Nature Magazine

My tree of Life (Series 2) mixed media painting “alive” was featured in Issue 5 of Art by Nature magazine.

Art by Nature is an Art and Design focused publication based in the Netherlands.  Editor Tessa Valk has always been drawn to Art and creative efforts that take their Inspiration from nature.  The magazine features Art, Design, sometimes Craft and other creative endeavors with a connection to Nature and the Natural world, broadly defined.  It is a beautifully put-together magazine.


It was a pleasure to work with Tessa, and to see the final article in Art by Nature magazine.

You can read more about the magazine on the home page here: Art by Nature homepage


ISSUU, the web publication service hosting the magazine, also has a home page (less informative) here:  Home of Art by Nature at ISSUU   While there is less information on the ISSUU page, there are very convenient links to all of the published issues of the magazine.  Have a look!

Alive, original acrylic and mixed media painting

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