About Regina Valluzzi


Dr. Valluzzi is a trained and experienced research scientist and science educator with a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from UMass Amherst, a B.S. in Materials Science from MIT and extensive experience and advanced training in Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology and Nanoscience.   She has a body of work focused on scientific themes and ideas at another website <a href=”http://www.nerdypainter.com/html/”>The Nerdly Painter</a>

Dr. Valluzzi’s home base is in Waltham, MA with strong ties to Cape Ann, MA (For strudel!!!!!), MIT, and to Eastern Long Island, NY.


There is a prevailing notion that sculpture, installation, and video media are active and interactive, while painting and 2-D wall mounted forms are static and passive.  Yet in the past 2-3 decades, there have been a number of advances in smart materials, responsive materials, and optically novel materials that can be incorporated into painting.  The acrylic painting system itself has undergone radical changes and advances in properties and potential since it first gained traction among Fine Artists in the mid twentieth Century.  These new materials and advances allow very different approaches to painting.   By using novel optical media, Dr. Regina Valluzzi has created paintings that are active and responsive to both viewer and environment.  Through experiments with the properties of different acrylic paint and media formulations she has added complex 3-dimensional textures to paint.  Using these experiments  she has also been able to create delicate layered patterns of color that are not achievable with a brush or palette knife.

A number of these “paintings” approach landscape ideas using new ways of manipulating paint media. Grasses and stems created by pouring one liquid into another on the canvas, extrusion, diffusion, and textural ideas can all suggest and indicate landscape elements. These approaches create an image that isn’t put together quite the same way as a typical landscape.  The image is built up through paint interactions and bits of media standing in for objects, rather than as an illusion created by brush and palette knife marks.


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