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Beacon Hill (Abstract?) Art Walk

Enjoy abstract Science inspired art while touring the private gardens of Beacon Hill. On Sunday, June 3, 2012 one of Boston’s largest, longest running and most engaging art fairs will happen all over Beacon Hill. The Nerdly painter will be there with new pieces. Expect some science inspired art, and also some pure Abstracts (like Red Counterpoint, pictured). The light is perfect to showcase some recent experiments with mixed media that incorporates lenses and other surplus scientific optics. it’s always a good time! My location is tentatively at the top of Primus street, and possibly shared with a fellow abstract artist John Maciejowski. John trained at Boston’s very own Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts and has enjoyed a long and successful creative career. His painterly abstracts and sense of historical context provide a wonderful contrast to my more geometric and often nerdly approach.

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  1. “Beacon Hill (Abstract?) Art Walk « NerdlyPainter” honestly got me addicted on ur
    internet page! Idefinitely will wind up being back
    much more often. With thanks -Salvador

  2. […] Three new paintings in acrylic using circles as a geometric motif.  One is centered on yellow, another on red another on blue.  These are 24×24 inches on canvas with 0.75 inch stretchers and are each $450.00 through June 7 (a special for the Beacon Hill Art Walk). […]