» » » » 20 Twitter Do’s for Artists

20 Twitter Do’s for Artists

… plus 10 Don’ts and 5 takeaways


You should use Twitter, but how do you use it well?



  1.  DO reciprocate.  Share other people’s interesting tweets.  Retweet art you love with a nice comment.  Add to conversations.  Do something for someone else EVERY time you log in to tweet.
  2. DO reply to comments, like retweets, and generally acknowledge the social people helping you build an audience.
  3. DO post images with tweets about your art.  Learn about Social Media Cards too.
  4. DO follow other tweeters with similar interests (non art)
  5. DO follow artists whose work you love
  6. DO follow art galleries showing work you love
  7. DO follow sources – people and institutions that post retweetable news and insights
  8. DO find and follow art influencers – people with a lot of followers who tweet art in your genre
  9. DO find and follow non-art influencers who might also be interested in your art – for example an equestrian artist might find horse tweeters
  10. DO create a master list of influencers and hashtags
  11. DO use Twitter’s analytics (FREE!) to understand what types of tweets, mentions, and strategies produce engagement.
  12. DO use @mentions to influencers to help engagement
  13. DO use direct messaging sparingly and respectfully – and only when you have something to say that is useful to the other person.  Don’t SPAM!
  14. DO Tweet regularly.
  15. DO look into post scheduling services like Buffer and Klout (there are others too – find the one that works best for you)
  16. DO tweet about non-art subjects, art that is NOT yours, events around town
  17. DO be polite and positive
  18. DO be authentic and let your personality and interests show through your tweets
  19. DO tweet short bits of background about your art that are interesting to other people
  20. DO curate your retweets – keep your feed focused and interesting




  1.  DON’T spam mention everyone in creation with @mentions.  Focus on people who are engaged with you and your art.
  2. DON’T share or retweet anything you would not want to find in your own feed.  Even if it’s art you dislike.  Think of the audience.
  3. DON’T SPAM people’s feeds with zillions of images of your art and nothing else, many times a day, every day. Mix it up a bit.
  4. DON’T SPAM people’s inboxes
  5. DON’T solicit galleries or curators or collectors who have shown no interest in your work (clicking “Like” is not interest, but it can be a conversation starter)
  6. DON’T obsess about hashtags – use your characters for content, then add a hashtag or two if you have room.
  7. DON’T pontificate, especially on subjects you know nothing about.
  8. DON’T attack people, whine or beg for attention.  Skip the “See how many people will share this because they care” spam.
  9. DON’T obsess about unfollows, and don’t be afraid to unfollow the “marketeers on steroids”.
  10. DON’T use all of your tweets to advertise and sell.  A few, sure.  But not all nor most.


Don’t be this guy


  1.  It’s social media – be social and sociable and not “me me me”.  Join conversations, like, comment and share other people’s interesting tweets when you log in to tweet
  2. Twitter works best as a networking and audience building platform, rather than a sales platform
  3. Think about who your audience can connect you with, rather than what they can DO for you or what you can sell to them
  4. Think about what you can do FOR your audience – help them find great content!  Create a feed that is full of interesting shares AND your artwork sent to people who want to see and follow it.
  5. You don’t have to retain every follower to build a great Twitter community.  Build your audience organically.  Bear in mind that there are a LOT of people who try to use Twitter for spammy overpowering social marketing and advertising.  They WILL follow you and try to market to you.  If they show no signs of being part of your audience, just unfollow them (and there IS the block function if you need it)


Useful Links

  1.  Twitter Analytics – https://analytics.twitter.com/
  2. Buffer – https://buffer.com/
  3. Klout – https://klout.com/home
  4. Tweetdeck – https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/
  5. Why Twitter Cards ….    http://www.cio.com/article/2925995/social-media/why-twitter-cards-are-key-to-social-media-marketing.html
  6. JM twitter cards – wordpress plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/jm-twitter-cards/